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One of our newest products at Media Services International is to create a personalized Wedding Website. This is made before the wedding for guests to visit and learn more information about where they are going. On the website, you can have whatever links you would like. The most popular features are bios, engagement photos, information and directions on how to get to the wedding and reception, places to stay and what to do (for out of town guests), online RSVP, and direct links to where the couple is registered. If available, video taped messages can even be included.

The Wedding Website also helps the couple save money. Instead of putting all of the wedding information on expensive stationary and including it with the invitations, all you need to include is a  web address. You save on stationary and postage while providing much more information and convenience to your guests.

Key Benefits

  • Your ideas go on the page
  • Friendly staff
  • A domain with your name that lasts at least a year online
  • Links to locations where you are Registered
  • The page matches your wedding theme


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